alliance auto & truck rebuilders INC

We promise to provide the necessary and exemplary tools for each and every projects which we are committed.


We know that trucks are very necessary in every businesses. We are always ready to meet the customer's idea and imagination when it comes to improvisation of his/her business.


Proper choosing of hydraulic hose is very crucial in every project. So we are making sure to choose the best of these for your special trucks.

Surplus Trucks

We are highly experienced in refurbishing and rebuilding used trucks. We promise to provide a good service in reconstructing your truck upto its best potential for your businesses

Brand New Trucks

Got a problem with your newly purchased brand new trucks? Worry no more, you can entrust our company in terms of repairing and overhauling of it


Looking for cranes for specific usages? We are here to provide our service in terms of advising and providing international branded cranes.

Truck Body Equipments

We are also capable of helping you in planning and purchasing those truck body equipments for its specific usages.


We promise to provide a good relationship with our customers. We make sure to get in touch with you whenever there is an occuring problem regarding with your most precious trucks

Our Company

We the Alliance Auto & Truck Rebuilders is making sure to meet your needs and imaginations for the improvement of both our company and our beloved customers